About Us

Our Philosophy And Commitment:

Coolicious believes within today’s busy lifestyles there should always be time for us to eat well. We think of it as `no worries` freedom to enjoy not just good things to eat, but to experience refreshment greatness that comes from eating only the best. To us, that means creating outstanding, fat free healthier frozen refreshment made to the highest quality standards in an exciting range of great-tasting formats and flavours. From our fat free soft serve frozen yogurt and fat free frozen yogurt yogurt smoothie base (scoop), to our delicious real-fruit sorbet and granita, we believe in leaving people feeling not just good, but great afterwards. That’s because we ensure all Coolicious products are made so good to taste just great!

Greatness, know-how and quality expertise doesn’t grow instantly though. We know, because we’ve been in the business of creating outstandingly great tasting, healthy refreshment for 25 years now. This unique experience has taught us more than a few things - things that others covet, but can’t match.

Years ago we saw peoples’ lives becoming increasingly time-squeezed with `on the go` living starting to become normality. We could also see the compromises people were forced to make in the things they ate, with less time to always choose the best option. Whether on the go, at lunch, out and about, or simply a moment when you’re in need of a quick snack, we believed things could be so much better for everyone. That’s when we committed ourselves to changing all that for good. Any time of day, whether out shopping, at work, after school or college, or simply out and about meeting up with friends, outstanding healthy frozen refreshment is available and within reach.

Discover Coolicious, 'The Cooler Cool':

With Coolicious on the scene and now part of many peoples’ everyday lives, authentic and true fat free, healthy frozen refreshment is now something everyone can enjoy.

Check out our great products, look at the small print, compare us with others if you like and you’ll see why Coolicious is `The Cooler Cool` - the leading brand of fat free frozen yogurt in the UK and Europe!