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Latest Products

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We get excited when our star food experts come up with the perfect way to create fat-free frozen yogurt,that captures the ideal balance of creaminess, sweetness and sharpness with every tasting.

They’ve yet again surprised us with what is now our new baby - Coolicious Blueberry Burst.

This superfruit flavoured fat free frozen yogurt combines the rich and juicy berry flavours with our signature natural purity to provide a delicious treat. We call it the Blueberry Burst because it delivers the ultimate flavour burst you get with the first bite of a juicy blueberry. The blueberry is great on its own, topped to perfection or twisted with other flavours like Just Vanilla or Tangy Style. All this and as little as 62 kcal in a typical 100ml serving.

What’s more, as you read this our busy creative geniuses are already working hard to create more new Coolicious fat free frozen yogurt flavours to delight you. So, once you’ve discovered Coolicious Blueberry Burst, remember to stay tuned for further developments!