The Market

Health and rising concerns over food quality, obesity and the modern western diet are now a part of everyday conversation. This is boosting wider public interest in healthier food alternatives and the things people eat on a regular basis, such as ice cream. But this is just one of many aspects behind the growth in fat free frozen yogurt sales in general and our Coolicious range of healthy frozen refreshment, in particular.

The Coolicious range is neatly in step with modern consumer attitudes and preferences:

  • Peoples’ desire to eat healthily regularly, despite their busy lifestyles
  • The demand for premium quality products
  • The importance of convenience and the trend to `eat on the go`
  • Eye-catching products are viewed as style statement-where food and fashion meet
  • The food we choose to eat expresses something about `who we are`
  • Peoples’ expectations of food are increasing

And is fulfilling peoples’ aspirations as well as their necessities:

  • All Coolicious products are `Made So Good To Taste Just Great`
  • They are rigorously made fat free
  • With lower calories-lower than ice cream
  • Made with genuine yogurt containing active yogurt cultures
  • That can be enjoyed at any time, as a refreshing snack or even a meal replacement
  • Making them the right choice for contemporary and discerning consumers who value premium quality

Collectively these trends created a £2billion frozen yogurt market in the US. Recent UK estimates of frozen yogurt sales in the foodservice sector have been between £35-40 million and as market leader, Coolicious anticipates further future growth as more and more consumers discover not only its appeal but just how great a tasting experience it is.

To make it easy to tap into this expanding market, we give all our customers our Freedom to Grow promise which includes an unrivalled combination of high quality, easy to use products; free nationwide delivery (often the very next day!); regular delivery days that you can rely on; the convenience of small deliveries and a pricing structure that passes on the savings of larger delivery quantities. Imagine the freedom of getting what you want, when you want and in the quantity you want. Coolicious Freedom to Grow allows you to focus on your business knowing that we are there to help you achieve your goals.

Coolicious is also a brand that believes in innovation, to stay ahead to both lead and satisfy new and emerging tastes and trends. As a result, Coolicious has recently introduced its Fat Free Tangy Style frozen yogurt, a premium product made with freshly skimmed milk exclusively from British cows. New Tangy Style contains more live and active yogurt than any other make of frozen yogurt. It also tastes naturally tangy with the perfect balance of tartness, tangy refreshment and sublime sweetness- all made with only 68 kcalories per 100 ml serving!

And with demand for tangy and tart tasting frozen yogurt already creating a storm in the most fashionable and hip areas of California, and an almost cult-like following, Coolicious expects to see great things continue for its range here in the UK frozen yogurt market.