Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

New Products

We never rest, especially when our star food experts come up with what they describe as the perfect way to create fat free frozen yogurt that captures and delivers the ideal balance of creaminess and sweetness with a hint of sharpness of taste. These qualities we know, from our 25 years developing and leading the market, totally connect, meet and satisfy the taste expectations most consumers look for in fat free frozen yogurt.

As a result, we have worked hard to create the ideal Coolicious product offering that brings this taste excellence to market. We call it our new baby, but our customers and your consumers will meet it and grow to love it, recognise it and know it as Blueberry Bliss Burst.

This fat free frozen yogurt is bursting with fresh berry flavour and combines it with the pure naturalness that is part of our unique Coolicious signature. The result, that’s now available for you to stock and serve, is one of the most deliciously healthy, on the go snack or refreshment treat that anyone can buy on the market anywhere today.

We know because we’ve seen the taste test results that mark out Blueberry Burst as yet another ground-breaking Coolicious market beater. Blueberry Burst is also one of our lowest calorie products. What this mean in proven fact is that each typical 100ml serving contains as low as 62 calories!

What’s more, as you read this, our busy creative food experts are already working hard to create even more new and amazing Coolicious fat free frozen yogurt experiences for you to delight your customers with. So, once you’ve discovered for yourself just how great our new Blueberry Burst really is, and consider how it can additionally build your business, remember to keep in touch and stay tuned to find out about our further planned developments that are aimed to enable you to go on to take the market and your sales to new heights.