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Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

Every day, more and more people are making the healthier choice and switching to Coolicious fat free frozen yogurt. To many others, Coolicious is already their daily healthy refreshment treat. They love the smooth creamy but clean taste, the variety of flavours and that, unlike ice cream, it’s wonderfully fat free!

Machine vended or scoop?

To meet the requirements of different outlet types, Coolicious offers two fat free frozen yogurt serving formats;

• Soft serve frozen yogurt mix that is made with genuine yogurt, delivered frozen and machine vended
• Frozen yogurt smoothie base (scoop) that is specially designed to make velvety soft and healthy smoothies, shakes and ice coffee.

All Coolicious frozen yogurt products offer these benefits:

• Tastes incredibly indulgent but is fat free
• Manufactured rigorously to the highest standard so you can offer the best quality products at all times
• Made with fresh real yogurt containing active yogurt cultures
• Low in calories (as low as 60 to 80 kcal per 100ml serving)
• Suitable for vegetarians and is GM free
• Perceived high value by consumers
• Attractive profit margins
• Nationwide delivery, often the very next day and regular deliveries throughout Europe. We pride ourselved on not only having outstanding products, but also excellent customer service and follow-through.

Soft Serve Fat Free Frozen Yogurt:

Designed to meet the needs of high volume outlets where quick service is a priority to achieve full customer satisfaction, Coolicious soft serve frozen yogurt mix is so versatile it can be served through any make of soft serve ice cream machine.

With Coolicious you not only get a superior product, you have easy access to the most experienced, professionally-skilled frozen yogurt service back-up support customised to your needs to ensure your partnership with Coolicious is as successful as it can be.

This support includes helping you to promote your Coolicious offering direct to your customers using unique selling points and merchandising materials designed to attract customer interest and encourage both trial and repeat purchase.

Sampling plays an important role in accelerating customer involvement and uptake, and we are open and usually able to assist our customers with such promotional initiatives.

Choice is also important, especially for experimenting new customers who tend to try together in social gatherings. Here Coolicious helps you win again, offering an extensive range of mouth-watering flavours, including naturally tangy, wonderful fruit flavours as well as more indulgent choices-all of them fat free of course!

Here’s our current selection of delicious soft serve frozen yogurt flavours:

• Rocking Raspberry;
• Tangy Style;
• Cheeky Banana;
• Just Vanilla;
• Simply Strawberry;
• Chocolate Bliss;
• Mango Moment;
• Blueberry Burst;
• Coconut Cooler;
• Dulce de Leche;
• Seasonal and unique flavour combinations.

Click on the link “Soft Serve Frozen yogurt flavours” below to learn more about our amazing range. We also have more exciting flavours in the pipeline for future introduction, so watch this space!

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Base:

For those wanting to create velvety smoothies or shakes, Coolicious frozen yogurt smoothie base (scoop) is the ideal answer. Designed to be used direct from the freezer in 4 litre tubs, you’re in control.

Choose from four sublime flavours-Just Vanilla; Simply Strawberry; Mango Moment and Neutral Sorbet and you’re instantly in business. Easy to scoop and extremely versatile, Coolicious scoop can be used to make deliciously refreshing, healthy drinks such as smoothies, ice coffee or even fat free shakes! (see smoothies page for more information).

Benefits to remember when considering if Coolicious frozen yogurt smoothie base is right for your business include:

• Creates velvety soft smoothies, shakes and ice coffee with the right mouth feel and round taste.
• Reassuringly fat free
• Contains active yogurt cultures
• Lower in calories than ice cream (as low as 61 kcal per 100ml serving)
• Suitable for vegetarians and GM free
• Premium perception with consumers
• Attractive profitability.

Flavours - Soft serve Frozen Yogurt

Tangy Style

The most authentic frozen yogurt with the natural tanginess of real yogurt delivering a superb frozen yogurt with a brilliantly creamy fresh taste.

Just Vanilla

Soft, light and subtle vanilla with a delicate balanced taste that’s an ideal frozen yogurt foundation for all types of toppings

Simply Strawberry

A natural, seductive strawberry flavour reminiscent of fresh summer strawberries that can be served at any time of the year.

Blueberry Burst

One of our newest flavours, bursting with fresh and juicy berry flavour! Ideal to be served on its own, twisted with Just Vanilla or Tangy Style or topped to perfection.

Chocolate Bliss

Made simply with the best quality cocoa powder and absolutely no colourings or flavourings. Love at first taste.

Cheeky Banana

Fresh and comforting banana flavoured with a lingering sweet fruity after-taste that’s reminiscent of childhood treats

Coconut Cooler

An exotic creamy frozen yogurt delight which will take you to the tropics wherever you are!

Mango Moment

Our superb tasting mango frozen yogurt that’s a complete tropical refreshment experience, made with real mango puree and natural mango flavour.

Dulche De Leche

One of our more indulgent taste sensations, sourced from the best ingredients offering a sublime honeycomb flavour enhanced with a touch of indulgent caramel made with real dulche de leche and naturally coloured with caramel.

Seasonal and unique flavour combinations

We assist our customers by offering seasonal flavours and suggesting unique flavour combinations such as the indulgent Banoffee, made with our Cheeky Banana and Dulce de Leche. Ask us about other flavour combinations, we have more recipes in mind for you!