Enter the world of frozen yogurt with Coolicious.

With 25 years experience leading, pioneering and growing the market for fat free frozen yogurt in the UK and across Europe, Taste Trends has much to offer those with the vision and appetite for this exciting and expanding market for healthy refreshment..

Not only is Coolicious the leading brand of frozen yogurt in Europe, our wider offer spans the growth trends driving the desire for great tasting, healthy refreshment. Beyond soft serve frozen yogurt that is fat free in an ever growing number of great-tasting flavours, we offer a range of delicious frozen yogurt smoothie bases for making the most velvety smoothies and dairy free fruit sorbet made with real fruit purees. In short, we make something for any customer looking for healthy refreshment and a great-tasting experience they'll love and remember. That's why we describe all our Coolicious products as 'Made so good to taste just great'.

Why is this? It is because all Coolicious frozen yogurt products are guaranteed to be fat free, made with fresh, genuine yogurt containing live yogurt cultures, are lower in calories than ice cream and are not from powder. That’s why our customers tell us they taste so good they find it hard to believe they really are fat free.

The Coolicious range of soft serve frozen yogurt, smoothies made using our frozen yogurt and non-dairy smoothies, sorbets and granita using Coolicious bases and mixes offer customers a wide choice of healthy refreshment... WE DID SAY WE OFFER YOU A CHOICE!

It's perhaps no surprise then that as the UK leader, Coolicious supplied over 12 million servings of frozen yogurt to foodservice customers last year alone.